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Modern queue management system that supports virtual queues, mobile ticketing, physical paper tickets from kiosks, online pre-booked visits and occupancy control. All in a single streamlined flow that is easy to use and quick to roll-out to many locations.

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Customers do not like waiting. COVID-19 has made waiting even more stressful and potentially risky. Whether they’re waiting to see a doctor or pay a bill, or standing in line to get into a store, customers get bored, frustrated, and angry. When they see long lines or long wait times, they may decide to go elsewhere. Virtual Queues addresses these problems by providing a simple, transparent way to manage the wait.

Virtual Queues includes three main components: booking, notification and admission. The app can be configured to define the number of people allowed in the premises, appointment or slot durations, booking options, notification options and admission options. Additional customization allows Virtual Queues to be integrated with other apps and provide a sales opportunity while they are waiting. 

If you operate multiple premises, each can be configured independently. 


Booking can be configured to offer a range of options. These include both online booking via the Web and booking via the customer’s mobile device using a QR code displayed on the premises. The QR code can be displayed as a printed poster or as digital signage.

Customers can select a specific time slot, or request the next available slot. The system can be configured to recognize VIP customers and prioritize them. 

When they have booked an appointment, they receive a confirmation on their mobile device or a printed ticket. This includes the location as well as the time. They can then wait wherever is most convenient for them, for example in their car, at home, or browsing elsewhere.


Virtual Queues provides real-time monitoring of the current queue. This can be displayed on mobile devices, or on digital signage on the premises. This includes the current occupancy level, queue length, and expected wait time. Customers can check their position in the queue from their mobile device at any time.

When the customer’s appointment time grows near or they approach the head of the queue, they receive a notification on their mobile device that they should proceed to the premises. This minimizes the on-site wait time.

If a scheduled appointment has to be delayed, the system will notify the customer automatically of the new estimated time. 


On arrival, the customer presents their booking confirmation. This can be done via a reader that scans their phone or printed ticket, or can be checked manually by a staff member. It can optionally be integrated with the occupancy control app to provide a fully automated system.

If required, the system can also send a notification when the customer’s time is up and they need to leave the premises. This can be useful in situations where slot durations are limited, such as museums.


For the customer

  • Provide a better customer experience by reducing wait times
  • Provide a better customer experience by improving notification and transparency
  • Make it easier to select a time by allowing them to book a slot remotely or when visiting the premises

For staff

  • Simplify the task of scheduling appointments
  • Smooth out peaks and troughs in demand
  • Reduce hostility from frustrated customers

For the business

  • Ensure that you’re in compliance with occupancy regulations at all times
  • Monitor queues in real time and assess fluctuations in demand for services
  • Decrease physical lines outside the premises and improve safety
  • Reduce the likelihood of customers going elsewhere because of wait times

Use cases

Virtual Queues is one of our most versatile apps. It is used by a wide variety of businesses in many different types of location. Any business that needs to manage the number of people on the premises or uses an appointment system can benefit from Virtual Queues.


  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Airports
  • Office spaces
  • Shopping malls
  • Department stores
  • Fashion retail
  • Hardware retail
  • Electronics retail
  • Interior and furniture retail
  • Municipalities
  • Healthcare


  • Curbside
  • Omnichannel & unified commerce
  • Customer experience
  • Store occupancy
  • Build customer loyalty


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